Dr. Alexander Rennings

Alexander Rennings

Alexander Rennings is an internist specialized in vascular medicine and clinical pharmacology. At the ambulant clinic he sees patients with inherited errors of metabolism including patients with hemochromatosis. One morning every week he has a consulting hour for hemochromatosis. He welcomes about 50 new patients each year. Most of them are referred from other hospitals for either second opinions on diagnosis or complications or  for diagnostics to find rare forms hemochromatosis. An increasing number of referrals concerns hyperferritinemia in the metabolic syndrome.  Besides he has a group of 30 patients with hemochromatosis in follow-up, mostly from our own region.  In addition to his tasks in patient care, he participates in the curriculum for medical students and in clinical research. Finally , he is the chair of the taskforce for revision of the national guideline on hemochromatosis.

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Publications by Alexander Rennings

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