About Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders

Welcome to the Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders (RCID).  The RCID is a full facility (inter)national reference center for clinical care, biochemical, pathological and molecular biological diagnostics and research of patients suspected for or with established disturbances of iron metabolism (see also website Radboudumc). The RCID is powered by governmental bodies and national and international foundations.
The RCID integrates all iron metabolism related clinical, diagnostic, educational and research activities of the Radboudumc. The RCID staff members have extensive working relationships with biomedical iron centers across the world, patient-organisations and other stakeholders.

Mission statement

The Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders' mission is to understand  iron metabolism in health and disease at all levels of complexity in order to develop preventive measures and make substantial contributions towards the development of rational diagnostic and treatment strategies for iron disorders. As such a from molecule to man - to population - to patient, strategy has been adopted.

Guidelines, diagnostic service, education

The RCID has initiated and guided the development of evidence-based guidelines for the management of inherited forms of iron overload and anemias due to disorders of iron metabolism and heme synthesis. Staff members have developed a 4 week teaching course on “iron metabolism” for 3rd year medical and biomedical students. The center also serves scientific, medical and pharmaceutical communities with high-quality measurements of iron biomarkers in body fluids, among which are the measurements for the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin and the toxic iron species non transferrin bound iron (NTBI) and labile plasma iron (LPI).

Formally appointed European expert center

The Radboudumc Center for Iron Disorders had been officially appointed as a national expert centre for rare iron disorders by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports in the Netherlands in 2015. Read more

In March 2017 the Center has become a formal approved health care provider of the subtheme “hemochromatosis and anemia due to iron disorders” of the European Reference Center (ERN) “EuroBloodNet”. Prof. Dorine Swinkels is an European coordinator of this subtheme. Read more