Prof. D.W. Swinkels

Dorine Swinkels

Translating insights in iron metabolism from bench to bedside. Research is aimed at the full understanding of iron metabolism, in particular the identification and characterization of novel factors that affect dysregulation of iron homeostasis in various human disorders among which are some of the world's most prevalent diseases such as iron deficiency, anemia of chronic kidney disease, hereditary hemochromatosis, inherited (iron loading) anemia's, bacterial and malarial infections.

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Publications by Dorine Swinkels

Iron handling by the human kidney: Glomerular filtration and tubular reabsorption both contribute to urinary iron excretion van Raaij SE, Rennings AJ, Biemond BJ, Schols SE, Wiegerinck ET, Roelofs HM, Hoorn EJ, Walsh SB, Nijenhuis T, Swinkels DW, Van Swelm R. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2019;Epub.
Provisional standardization of hepcidin assays: creating a traceability chain with a primary reference material, candidate reference method and a commutable secondary reference material Diepeveen, Laarakkers, Martos, Pawlak, Uğuz, Verberne, van Swelm, Klaver, de Haan, Pitts, Bansal, Abbas, Fillet, Lefebvre, Geurts-Moespot, Girelli, Castagna, Herkert, Itkonen, Olbina, Tomosugi, Westerman, Delatour, Weykamp, Swinkels. CCLM 2018; Epub
Inhibition of Nrf2 alters cell stress induced by chronic iron exposure in human proximal tubular epithelial cells van Raaij SEG, Masereeuw R, Swinkels DW, van Swelm RPL. Toxicol Lett 2018;295:179.
Tubular iron deposition and iron handling proteins in human healthy kidney and chronic kidney disease van Raaij S, van Swelm R, Bouman K, Cliteur M, van den Heuvel M, Pertijs J, Patel D, Bass P, van Goor H, Unwin R, Srai SK, Swinkels D. Scientific Reports 2018;8(1):9353.
Labile plasma iron levels predict survival in patients with lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes de Swart, Reiniers, Bagguley, van Marrewijk, Bowen, Hellström-Lindberg, Tatic, Symeonidis, Huls, Cermak, van de Loosdrecht, Garelius, Culligan, Macheta, Spanoudakis, Panagiotidis, Krejci, Blijlevens, Langemeijer, Droste, Swinkels, Smith, de Witte, EUMDS

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