The research team of the Radboudumc expertise center for iron disorders comprises, a full professor (MD, PhD)  as Principal Investigator, Medical Doctors, PhD students, postdocs, research technicians and regular master students as well as bachelor students that follow the Radboudumc honours program from “biomedical sciences”, “medical school”, “medical biology” and “biomolecular sciences” of Radboudumc and Radboud University.


Dorine Swinkels
Dorine Swinkels Principal investigator
Jack Wetzels
Jack Wetzels Nephrologist
Laura Diepeveen
Laura Diepeveen PhD candidate
Louise de Swart
Louise de Swart PhD candidate and resident internal medicine
Albertine Donker
Albertine Donker Pediatric hematologist and PhD candidate
Eckart de Bie
Eckart de Bie Honours student
Inge Jonkman
Inge Jonkman Master student