Clinical Guidelines Anemia


The guideline for  “Diagnosis of microcytic anemias due to genetic disorders of iron metabolism or heme synthesis” was published in Dutch in 2012  (full guideline-Dutch) and  adapted in English in a publication in the BLOOD journal in 2014 (publication-English).


These guidelines have been developed to assist clinicians and patients in the clinical decision-making process for rare anemias that are due to genetic disorders of iron metabolism and heme synthesis by describing a number of generally accepted approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.


The development of these guidelines was initiated by the Netherlands Society of Clinical Chemistry and the Laboratory Medicine (NVKC) and Laboratory Diagnostic Practitioners Association (VAL). The work was supported by a grant from the Quality Foundation Funds Medical Specialists of The Netherlands Association of Medical Specialists (SKMS project number 7387043).  The guidelines were developed in association with the Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine (NIV), Dutch Society for Haematology (NVvH), Dutch Society for Clinical Genetics (VKGN) and the  Dutch Society of Pediatrics (NVK). The working group was chaired by Prof. Dr. Dorine W. Swinkels (Radboudumc).